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- comments from readers point to this as one of the most important books for any lover of World War II History

Clayton Kelly Gross with fellow aviators
Clayton Kelly Gross (right) shares his experiences
during a mission with fellow aviators
Clayton Kelly Gross flying Live Bait
Clayton Kelly Gross flying "Live Bait"
Clayton Gross with wife Ramona
Clayton Kelly Gross with his lovely wife, Ramona
at a recent Fighter Ace Convention

Clayton Kelly Gross flew "Live Bait" during World War II. The book Live Bait is a riveting account of Clayton's experiences both during air battle and while on the ground. This is a compelling, exciting and heart warming story written by a true hero of World War II.

The raves and reviews for this biography are all excellent.
For example, James Oleson writes, "I have 100 aviation books in my collection. I enjoyed yours [Live Bait] the most."

Pugnacious Pup
355th Fighter Squadron,
354th Fighter Group